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TOMO Radixact Helical Tomotherapy Equipment Put into Use at Union Hospital

Time:Sep 25, 2023

On August 17th, the TOMO Radixact, a state-of-the-art precisive adaptive radiotherapy (ART) equipment, was officially put into use at the Cancer Center of Union Hospital (UHCC). On its first day of operation, over 50 patients were treated. This advanced equipment for tumor radiotherapy is now in full operation at Union Hospital, dedicated to serving patients affected by cancer.

According to Prof. YANG Kunyu, the director of the Department of Oncology, the newly implemented TOMO system at Union Hospital represents the most precise, efficient, and intelligent radiation equipment within Hubei province. It allows precise tumor targeting without limitations on scope or location, while also enabling simultaneous multi-target irradiation. Even tiny tumorous lesions, approximately 0.6 cm in size, can be treated precisely. Moreover, Image-Guided, Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IGRT) can be applied to treat multiple complex tumors with 40cm×135cm in size through the entire body. IMRT has so far been operated on whole brain, whole spinal cord and whole bone marrow. The new Radixact® system provides a major advancement in tumor tomotherapy, offering faster treatment speeds, easier operation, expanded treatment capabilities, higher cure rates, and reduced adverse reactions for patients.

The use of the new-generation TOMO Radixact represents a significant milestone in tumor treatment at Union Hospital. Union Hospital will continue its efforts to optimize cancer patient treatment in future.

Source: https://www.whuh.com/info/1021/13858.htm

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