Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies

Focusing on the initiative of "Healthy China" and bearing in mind the mission and responsibility of medical talent training, we deepen the coordination of medical service and education and improve the teaching management of the hospital, strengthen the reform and construction of clinical medical education system guided by competence, set up the idea of "Comprehensive Health", and implement the early clinical practice, multi-clinical practice and repeated clinical practice of medical students, and explore the "Medical Education+" talent training mode by the "Internet+" technology, with an aim to cultivate outstanding medical talents, and provide a strong talent guarantee for ensuring the health of people.

In the past five years, we have cultivated more than 1,200 undergraduate students, including 132 MBBS overseas students. The quality of talent training ranks the top in the province. We have offered 284 core courses and 56 elective courses, and the teaching rate of high-level teachers is 100%.

In the past five years, we have many award-winning teachers and high-level disciplines, such as Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Stomatology and Laboratory Medicine.

Intensify the teaching reform and accelerate the innovation of teaching mode. In the past five years, we have 11 provincial-level teaching reform projects approved. In 2018, we obtained three provincial teaching achievements.

Advance the deep integration of modern information technology with teaching, and improve the educational environment. In 2018, we were awarded as one of the first national clinical teaching and training demonstration centers. "HUST Union Teaching" (WeChat ID: whuhteaching) is a public platform with rich resources and comprehensive functions. There are nearly 1,000 teaching resources of various kinds.

Encourage the cultivation of scientific research and innovation capabilities and give full play to the important role of scientific research in educating people. Promote the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship education with professional education, and cultivate students' innovation consciousness, innovation ability and innovation spirit. In the past five years, we have been approved with 175 innovation and entrepreneurship projects for college students at all levels, including 15 state-level projects, 20 provincial projects.

Attach importance to cultural education. Inheriting the "March Beauty Gala" for 35 consecutive years, it was presented in the form of "offline + online" for the first time.

In the past five years, we have cultivated more than 1,000 high-quality graduates, and the employment rate of eight-year clinical medicine students is 100%. In 2018, our MBBS overseas student team won the top prize in the 2nd National Clinical Thinking and Skills Competition for Overseas Students in China.

Deepen international cooperation in education, broaden students' international vision and meet the requirements of the new era. We have increased the overall proportion of students studying abroad. We continue innovation on the mode of international exchanges under the new situation, and held the University of Duisburg-Essen 10th "Infection and Immunization" Summer Camp online in August 2020.

Improve a standardized training and management system for resident doctors, basically form a system and constranly improve the construction of professional bases. We have been selected as one of the first state-level standardized training demonstration bases for resident doctors.

Take students as the center, and make innovation on student training and management. We take the lead in carrying out standardized training of general resident doctors.

Give full play to professional advantages and create high-quality continuing education projects. Our continuing education is demand-oriented, and we have fostered a number of highly reputable and internationally influential continuing education brand projects, playing a demonstration and leading role in large public hospitals. (as of 2021)