Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Union Hospital is known as the cradle for the growth of outstanding medical talents, with students from all over the world. The innovation spirit, creative ability and entrepreneurial spirit are the core connotation of the graduate education at Union Hospital. The educational purpose of Union Hospital is to cultivate outstanding talents with profound humanistic background, solid professional knowledge, strong sense of innovation and broad international vision.

Union Hospital has 5 doctoral programs of first-level disciplines, 23 doctoral programs of second-level disciplines, 6 master programs of first-level disciplines, 27 master programs of second-level disciplines, and 5 post-doctoral stations. It is a state-level standardized training base for resident doctors and one of the first national pilot bases of standardized training system for specialist doctors, equipped with 8 departments and 16 teaching and researchsections, as well as 278 doctoral supervisors and 563 master supervisors, providing an excellent faculty, academic and medical technology platform for graduate students to make study and research in our hospital.

Union Hospital has been practicing the concept of open education, actively publicizing its advantages in teaching and scientific research, and attracting a large number of international students to study for master and doctoral degrees. From 2013 to 2020, more than 160 international graduate students were trained at Union Hospital, including students from Mauritius, Pakistan, India, Yemen and other countries.

In recent years, more than 10 international students have come to the hospital to pursue their degrees every year on average. The quality of international graduate training keeps improving. Overseas students are welcome to apply for study at Union Hospital! (as of 2021)

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