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The Fourth-generation Da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot Begins to Work at Union Hospital

Time:Mar 14, 2023


On March 3, with the assistance of the fourth-generation platform, da Vinci Xi surgical robot, the team of Pediatric Surgery Department performed total resection of recurrent retroperitoneal multiple cystic lymphangioma for a four-and-a-half-year-old child. Since then, the fourth-generation da Vinci Xi surgical robot has been put into service at Union Hospital.

“The tumor is quite large, and tightly envelops the kidney, with the boundary of the lesion attached to the ureter. The operation needs to be performed with extreme delicacy and precision. The da Vinci Xi provides more flexibility in the narrow operative working space, and facilitates precise intracorporeal suturing and exposure, that can shorten the operation time!” Considering the huge-size and complexity of the location of this recurrent lymphangioma, as well as the cosmesis of  surgical scars, Prof. Tang Shaotao, Director of Pediatric Surgery Department, developed a minimally invasive operation plan for the child with the assistance of the fourth-generation da Vinci robot. Supported by the surgical robot, the operation was completed successfully in less than 3h, which is twice as short as traditional operation time, with the intraoperative blood lose of only 50ml.

On the same day, including the team of Pediatric Surgery Department led by Director Prof. Tang Shaotao, a team of Urology Department led by Director Prof. Zhang Xiaoping and Professor Jiang Guosong, and team of Thoracic Surgery Department led by Director Prof. Liao Yongde and Prof. Wang Sihua, performed a total of 12 da Vinci robot-assisted operations. Since the introduction and application of robotic surgical platform at Union Hospital in 2015, more than 10 departments, including Urology Department, Pediatric Surgery Department, Thoracic Surgery Department, Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, Gastrointestinal Surgery Department, Pancreatic Surgery Department, Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Obstetrics & Gynecology Department, etc., have completed nearly 4,000 cases of robot-assisted operations.

“In the future, the fourth-generation da Vinci surgical robot will be adopted gradually for assisting in more surgical procedures by other departments, such as ENT Department, Neurosurgery Department, and Breast & Endocrine Surgery Department, to help more patients and  expedite their recovery,” said Wu Heyu, Head of Operating Room.


Source: https://wap.peopleapp.com/article/7022263/6878180

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