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Union Hospital Held the 2nd Wuhan Forum of Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer Online

Time:Nov 8, 2022

On October 27, 2022, the 2nd Wuhan Forum of Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer hosted by the Pancreatic Surgery Department of Union Hospital was successfully held online. The Forum invited a number of well-known experts and scholars in the field of immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer at home and abroad, and had indepth academic discussions on the characteristics of immune microenvironment for pancreatic cancer, as well as how to improve the effect of immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer. Prof. Wu Heshui, Director of Pancreatic Surgery Department & Head of Institute of Pancreatic Surgery of Union Hospital, chaired the conference.


At the beginning of the conference, Prof. Huang Kai, Vice President of Union Hospital, extended a warm welcome to all guests on behalf of the hospital. He pointed out that the Pancreatic Surgery Department had always been conducting academic exchanges with counterparts all over the world, and all attendees can take this conference as an opportunity to learn from each other for mutual development.


Later, experts from the Medical School of Heidelberg University, Medical School of South University of Science and Technology, School of Basic Medicine of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Health Sciences Center of University of Oklahoma, and Mayo Clinic gave lectures respectively on the topics of “Charting the tumor-infiltrating T-cell repertoire in pancreatic cancer by means of single cell sequencing”, “BRD9 orchestrates stemness and tumorigenesis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma”, “Dual inhibition of PARP and ATM sensitizes Pancreatic Cancer to Irreversible Electroporation and Induces Anti-tumor Immunity”, “Develop a novel therapy for pancreatic cancer” and “Immune Suppressive Role of FOXA1 Pioneer Factor in Cancer”. During the course of the conference, keynote speakers and attendees also exchanged opinions on the topic of immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer.


At the end of the conference, Director Wu Heshui concluded that immunotherapy has good potential in the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer and therefore an important research topic of the Pancreatic Surgery Department. This forum aimed to broaden the academic horizon of attendees, explore the frontiers of research on immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer, and build a platform for international cooperation and exchange, hoping to promote the improvement of the overall diagnosis and treatment level for pancreatic diseases. Approximately 100 persons attended the forum online, including medical staff of the Pancreatic Surgery Department, graduate students, and colleagues from other hospitals.


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