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Opening of Union Hospital History Museum

Time:Aug 31, 2022

    Byles House is the oldest building existing in Union Hospital. In August 2022, after almost one year of renovation, this time-honored building had been reborn as the new Union Hospital History Museum, exhibiting the 156-year development history of the hospital with photos and materials.


Byles House


Hilda Magerat Byles

    In 1931, Hilda Byles, doctor of Union Hospital and one of the earliest female specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics in China, passed away. In recognition of her lifelong contribution, a small house by the name of Byles House was built with the donation of people and was used as nurse dormitory. This three-story red-brick and wood-frame house is adjacent to Zhongshan Park and is solemn and elegant in style. As the only modern historical building in Union Hospital, it bears the memory of the hospital and witnesses the development of modern medical and healthcare services in Wuhan, which is of great historical significance. In 2018, it was awarded as Wuhan Excellent Historical Buildings in the 11th round of evaluation.

    In October 2021, the renovation project of Byles House officially started. In line with the principle of "Like-For-Like" Repair, the indoor exhibition is properly arranged strictly according to historical record without disturbing the original structure of the building. After nearly one year of renovation, Byles House had been reborn as the new Union Hospital History Museum. In the form of scenario and immersive display, it is divided into three chapters: Healing the World with Love, Western Medicine in the East; Daring To Be The First, Heavy Responsibilities on Shoulders;  High-quality and High-efficiency, Forging ahead with Innovation, which are displayed in eight exhibition halls. Griffith John’s handwriting, Hope Bell’s birthday badge, the original wooden floor of Byles House and other historical relics, as well as a large number of pictures and video materials vividly show the 156-year development history of Union Hospital, and interpret the original aspiration of the centennial institution to provide the best medical services for the people.


Griffith John’s handwriting, a record on the first day of Union Hospital (September 8, 1866) (replica)



Hope Bell’s birthday badge (replica)



The original wooden floor of Byles House

    Time brings history, and renovation brings new life. Re-opened as Union Hospital History Museum, Byles House forms a record and summary of the development process of Union Hospital, and also serves as a vivid history textbook with educational significance.

Part of the exhibition

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