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"Sunshine Study Room": Warm Children's Day in Union Hospital

Time:Jun 10, 2022

"Hi, boys and girls, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"I want to be an animal guide or a doctor."

"I wanna be a gourmet or a painter…"

A special class entitled "Dream and Future" was held at 10:00 am, May 31th, in the "Sunshine Study Room" at Wuhan Union Hospital Cancer Center (UHCC). All of ten children in the class suffered from bone and soft tissue tumors, aged between 5 and 16.


"Osteosarcoma is one of the most malignant solid tumors, which is most commonly found in adolescents, with approximately 75% of patients develop the disease aged between 12 and 20," Prof. Chen Jing, director of the Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors Dept. at UHCC, introduced. In 2013, UHCC took the lead in China to set up a department for radiotherapy and chemotherapy of bone and soft tissue tumors, and now has developed to a multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment team, composed of experts from Surgery, Internal Medicine, Imaging, Pathology and Nursing, etc. Treatments for osteosarcoma have become more effective in recent years, with more children re-embrace their pain-free childhood.

Prof. Chen Jing said, medical staff strive to cure the physical disease of children, and also hope that these kids can return to normal life after the disease is cured. To this end, the "Sunshine Study Room" opened in the ward, on May 30th 2018, creating a precedent of psychological relief therapy for children with cancer in Hubei Province.

Till now, the "Sunshine Study Room" has one psychological volunteer, one painting teacher and one sandplay teacher. Such as multimedia play, painting workshop, reading accompany, art music healing, parent psychology class, medical & psychology rounds, " examination tutorship", volunteer activities were carrying out in full swing. Over the past four years, they have served more than 1,500 children, nearly 8,100 hours of companionship, to alleviate the psychological pressure on children and their parents during the treatment, and to promote the physical and psychological recovery of children.

Prof. Ji Xiangnian, Vice President of Union Hospital, believed that the establishment of the "Sunshine Study Room" make the public pay more attention to children with bone and soft tissue tumors, and support love and care for them. Meanwhile, the "Dream & Future" public lecture is aimed to encourage cancer children by wake their dreams, with the blessing of a bright future,under the efforts of the public aid and medical care.


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