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Prof. Wang Lin Receives the First Zhong Nanshan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award

Time:Jan 26, 2022

On January 6th, the results of the first “Zhong Nanshan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award” were officially announced. Ten young scientific and technological practitioners in the fields of health care and life science across China won the honor. Prof. Wang Lin of Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, was one of the awardees.

The “Zhong Nanshan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award” was newly established in 2020 and is open to all young Chinese practitioners under the age of 40 in the fields of medical technology and life science with no more than 10 candidates awarded each time. The award aims to encourage Chinese young people to learn the sense of responsibility exemplified by Zhong and dedicate themselves to the pursuit of innovation in health care and life science.


Academician Zhong Nanshan presented the award in person and delivered a speech. In his speech, Zhong recognized the difficulty for young people to make significant achievements in the areas of medicine and life science and that “the awardees set a good example in this area”. He urged the young practitioners to focus on making consistent innovations, enhance communication, learn from each other, and strive for further world-leading achievements.

The 10 awardees come from varied parts of China, all made remarkable contributions in the fields of medicine and life science, and Prof. Wang Lin was no exception.

Prof. Wang Lin currently works as the Director of the Laboratory Medicine Department and the Reproductive Medicine Center at Union Hospital. Before the Zhong Nanshan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award, she was as honored with a China Young Women Scientists Award in 2017, China Youth Science and Technology Award in 2018, and several other major awards in China.

Prof. Wang Lin has long been committed to the research and development of biomaterials in regenerative medicine and the translational study of new strategies for wound repair. She endeavored to break new ground and studied intensively. Among her a range of achievements, there are high-level papers (16 papers selected as the cover articles of major journals), over 30 national and international patents of invention, Chief Editor or Deputy Chief Editor of 2 national textbooks of higher education, and over 10 national major scientific research projects.


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