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Union Hospital Pioneers “Seniors Mode” of the Internet Hospital in the Province

Time:Nov 17, 2021

On November 3, the internet hospital of Wuhan Union Hospital launched the “Seniors Mode”, the first of its kind in the province. Designed for senior patients, the mode features a minimalistic screen layout, bigger fonts, brighter icon and background color, and bigger response area of the buttons than the general mode.


A Comparison Between General Mode and Seniors Mode of Wuhan Union Hospital’s Official WeChat Account (Partial View)

A red heart mark for senior patients has been thoughtfully added to the nursing system, so that the nurses can identify senior patients at a glance and provide better-suited services, amid their busy work.


Special Mark for Senior Patients in the Nursing System

Since the September of 2021,  a permanent Pioneer Service Desk has been  set on the first floor of the hospital’s Outpatient Building, introducing the hospital information system and helping visiting patients navigate through the process. On one hand, the volunteers provide some daily necessities such as magnifiers, presbyopia glasses and chargers, which senior patients may need. On the other hand, they answer questions, give instructions, help senior patients use the electronic devices and explain the online operation steps patiently. Many senior patients said these moves have made their visits to the hospital a warmer experience and much more convinient.

The booming information technologies such as AI, IoT and big data are bringing more convinience into our life and our medical experiences. However, many senior patients are facing an insurmountable “digital gap”. They are often overwhelmed by the high technologies and becoming abandonees of the new digital era. Wuhan Union Hospital has taken the lead to roll out a series of measures, implemented the “online R&D + offline promotion” dual modes to care for seniors, and is committed to applying more new technologies into senior-friendly transformation and upgrade, so as to make a tangible improvement in medical services of senior patients and allow them to enjoy the benefits brought by the digital era.


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Written by: Computer Management Centre
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