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Build a smart hospital: Jinyinhu Campus of Wuhan Union Hospital inaugurated

Time:Jul 30, 2021

Jul. 30, 2021


Jinyinhu Campus of Wuhan Union Hospital (The Central Hospital of Wuhan Airport Economic Development Zone) was officially inaugurated on Jul. 29. A hospital that is intelligent in all aspects, from pre-hospital care to pre-operative examination and operation, from management to services, is taking shape here.

At the lobby, a smart robot taller than a man is walking around and spraying ethanol for disinfection. At the Outpatient Dispensary, dispensers and logistics robots are working busily but methodically. At the Examination Room and Operating Theatre, a wide range of smart application scenarios, such as 5G ultrasonography consultation, application of virtual & mixed reality, and integrated operation broadcast, are taking place.

5G Remote Consultation of Ultrasonography Dept.

"Gettingon the ambulance equals hospitalization" is an advantage of the 5G ambulances used by Emergency Medicine Dept. at the hospital. The 5G ambulances are equipped with a 5G signal system, LCDs, panorama cameras and other in-vehicle devices. Once a patient gets on board, a series of examinations and tests, including blood test, electrocardiogram and ultrasonography, can be done. The results are transmitted back to the hospital's remote consultation system via the 5G network on real-time basis, allowing the experts to instruct the first-aid staff to give first aid treatment, and start consultation on pre-hospital care and pre-operative preparations.

In addition, the 5G emergency rescue system is capable of real-time all-around monitoring of all ambulances from the hospital, including the real-time location, status and other information of each vehicle. In this way, the ambulances can be accurately navigated to avoid the jammed roads, pick up and send the patients to the hospital within the shortest possible time,so that they can fulfill the emergency rescue tasks properly.

At the 5G Remote Consultation Room of Ultrasonography Dept., a remote ultrasonoscopic diagnosis is going on. The images of ultrasound examination of a patientin another hospital are displayed to the experts at Union Hospital clearly via real-time transmitted audio, video and ultrasonoscopic images. The experts can remotely control the ultrasound machine and change the position or angle of probing for consultation.

Smart Disinfecting Robot

The 5G remote consultation platform is said to be comprised of "HD camera+5G network+4K/8K" as main components. Built on high-speed, reliable and low-latency 5G technology, the experts engaged in online consultation can overcome the barrier of distance, share images, voices and scenarios synchronously and bring benefits to more patients.

An integrated operating theatre is one in which the operating lamps, operation table, endoscopes and energy platform, among other surgical equipment, as well as audio and video devices and medical information, are brought under remote centralized control and management. Jinyinhu Campus owns 10 integrated operating theatres.

The Jinyinhu Campus of Wuhan Union Hospital started trial run from May 17 this year, and as of July 28,had 100,000 outpatient visits, admitted 3,500 inpatients, and completed more than 1,000 operations. Of all registration records, nearly 90% were reserved online.