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The "HUST-CLB International Center for the Study of Genitourinary Cancers" was Successfully Established in Union Hospita

Time:Nov 4, 2019

On 23 October 2019, the signing and unveiling ceremony of the "HUST-CLB International Center for the Study of Genitourinary Cancers" between Centre Léon Bérard (CLB) and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) was successfully held in our hospital. This international center will be jointly established by our hospital and CLB. Through personnel exchanges and research cooperation, it will be committed to the research of genitourinary cancer, aiming to get breakthrough in the field and promote discipline construction.

Prof. HU Yu, president of Wuhan Union Hospital (WhUH), extended his warm welcome to the delegation from CLB for visiting the hospital. In his address, he introduced WhUH's accomplishments in clinical, research, teaching and other areas. He pointed out that our hospital attaches great importance to communication with France and cooperation with French medical institutions. In recent years, the forms and contents of bilateral exchanges have been constantly expanded and deepened. He emphasized that the establishment of "HUST-CLB International Center for the Study of Genitourinary Cancers" is the fruit of cooperation between the two sides, which not only builds a high-quality international platform for research, but also deepens the cooperation between our hospital and France.

Phillipe Zrounba, deputy director of CLB, thanked the WhUH faculty for their warm hospitality. On behalf of director Jean Yves Blay, who was not able to attend, he expressed the expectation of CLB on this cooperation. The establishment of the "HUST-CLB International Center for the Study of Genitourinary Cancers" is based on the 4-years cooperation between the two sides. It will start a new chapter for bilateral exchanges and build a new platform for in-depth cooperation in genitourinary cancer research. He believes that fruitful results can be expected in the future.

Next, the two sides successfully held the signing and unveiling ceremony.

During the next session, professor ZHANG Xiaoping, director of the Department of Urology, made a speech on behalf of the department and introduced the history of exchange and cooperation between the two sides. Cooperation between the two teams has been deepening over the four years of exchange, from mutual visits to research cooperation. He further expressed his expectation and determination to the joint center.

Mr. Yann Moreau, from the Science and Technology Department of the French Consulate-General Wuhan, delivered a speech. The cooperation between China and France in the field of health care has made a new achievement here. The signing ceremony today marks a new stage of mutual cooperation. He is full of expectations for more practical cooperation between the two sides in the future. Marina Rousseau-Tsangaris, general secretary of direction of research and innovation in CLB, spoke later. She witnessed the growth of friendship between the two sides.

Dr. Olivier Tredan, Dr. Helen Boyle and Dr. CHEN Yao, from CLB and Dr. DONG Siwei from the Department of Anesthesiology, Union Hospital participated in the communication session.

Ms. LI shanshan , from the Science and Technology Department of the French Consulate-General Wuhan, Ms. Wang Haikun Assistant Director in the International Exchange Center of HUST, professor MEI Heng, deputy director of the Scientific Research Department of Union Hospital, professor XING Yifei, professor ZHAO Jun, associate professor CHEN Zhaohui, associate professor JIANG Guosong from the Department of Urology, and other discipline representatives attended the meeting.