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Union Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was founded in 1866 and has the longest history in Wuhan. As a major comprehensive hospital under the jurisdiction of National Commission of Health, it integrates the functions of medical service, teaching and scientific research. The hospital hosts Emergency Center of Hubei Province and Telemedicine Center of Hubei Province. It was among the first “Class-A Hospitals” recognized by the Ministry of Health and among “China’s Best 100 Hospitals”. It has won many national-level honors such as “National Civilization Unit” and “National Labor Award” (national award for management excellence).

The hospital is composed of the main campus, West Campus, Tumor Center and Jinyinhu Hospital (under construction) with a total of 5,000 beds. There were 5,703,000 outpatient visits, 227,000 admissions and 121,000 operations annually. The key medical indicators are steadily among the top of China. The hospital maintains a leading position in China in heart-lung transplantation, heart transplantation, conjoined twins separation, bone marrow transplantation, laparoscopic colectomy for Hirschsprung's disease, cell therapy; among them, heart transplant ranks the top of China in the last five years. The hospital has currently more than 8,000 staff members, among whom above 600 are medical experts with senior professional titles, including 96 experts who have won special allowance from the State Council, 6 academicians, 7 winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 8 specially-appointed professors with the title “Yangtze River Scholar” (including 4 young scholars) awarded by the Ministry of Education, 3 members of Talents Program selected by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, 2 winners of the “National Ten-thousand Talents Program”, 12 doctors with title of “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions” awarded by Ministry of Health, 3 winners of “the Thousand Talents Plan for Young Professionals” (Recruitment Program for Young Professionals), 204 supervisors for doctoral programs and 568 for masteral programs. The hospital comprises a group of competitive and influential academic programs and departments, including 10 national key disciplines and 25 national key clinical specialties, among which 15 specialty departments were approved to be the Quality Control Center of Hubei Province. Equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment such as PET-MR, PET-CT, Da Vinci robotic surgical instrument and cyber knife, the hospital pioneered applying hybrid reality information technology and artificial biologic cornea to clinical practices. In addition, the hospital has one key laboratory authorized by Ministry of Education, one key laboratory authorized by Ministry of Health, and two key laboratories at provincial level. The hospital has obtained over 100 funds from National Natural Science Foundation of China every year for the consecutive five years, which ranks the top three among all the medical institutes of China. Four research achievements won the second-class award of National Scientific and Technological Progress. In recent years, the hospital accelerates the process of internationalization, and has established communicative and collaborative relationships with more than 20 countries and regions including Germany, the UK, the USA, Japan, etc.

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