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The "Sino-German Laboratory of Personalized Medicine for Pancreatic Cancer" was Successfully Established in Union Hospit
On 13 May 2019, the signing and unveiling ceremony of the "Sino-German Laboratory of Personalized Medicine for Pancreatic Cancer" between Heidelberg University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) was successfully held in our hospital. The laboratory will be jointly established by Heidelberg Medical School and our hospital, and it is expected to improve mutual cooperation and inject new energy into the establishment of a full-rounded partnership between the two parties.
Prof. CHEN Jianguo, Vice-President of HUST, Dean of Tongji Medical College, presented a welcome speech to the delegation from Heidelberg University at the beginning of the ceremony. He reviewed the long-established partnership between Heidelberg University and HUST, and pointed out that the close cooperation between Union Hospital and Heidelberg University in the research of pancreatic cancer is an example of high level international scientific cooperation. The establishment of this joint laboratory is in line with the current vision of HUST—constructing a "Double First-class" university. And he believes that it will start a new circle of positive development on the basis of traditional friendship between the two universities.

Prof. HU Yu, president of Wuhan Union Hospital (WhUH), extended his warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the delegation from Heidelberg University for visiting the hospital. In his address, he introduced WhUH’s accomplishments in clinical, research, teaching and other areas. He reviewed our 30 years of friendship with Heidelberg University and our collaboration in the fields of personnel, medical education and scientific research. As the cooperation between the two institutions becoming more in-depth in recent years, the establishment of the "Sino-German Laboratory of Personalized Medicine for Pancreatic Cancer" is a milestone of our effective cooperation. 
Prof. Michael Kirschfink, representative of Heidelberg University, thanked the WhUH faculty for their warm hospitality. He expressed that he regarded Wuhan as his second hometown and was always happy to visit here. He also expressed high excitement and expectation for the new project and their confidence in the future of the joint laboratory and the mutual cooperation on behalf of Heidelberg University.
Next, the two sides successfully held the signing and unveiling ceremony. In the following communication, Prof. WU Heshui, director of the Department of Pancreatic Surgery and Prof. Rienk Offringa of Heidelberg University introduced the cooperation between the two sides. They expressed their confidence and determination for the pancreatic cancer research on behalf of their department.

The ceremony was hosted by Prof. JIN Yang, director of Scientific Research Department. Participants of the meeting were as follows: guests from Heidelberg University include Prof. Jobst-Hendrik Schultz, director of the Department of Internal Psychology and Cardiology of Heidelberg University, Dr. Simone Alvarez, research assistant of the General Internal and Psychosomatic Medical Research Center of Heidelberg University, and attendees from WhUH include Associate Prof. YIN Tao, vice-director of the Department of Pancreatic Surgery, Associate Prof. GOU Shanmiao, vice-director of the Department of Pancreatic Surgery, Associate Prof. WANG Jiliang, director of Publicity Department, Ms. GAO Feng, director of International Exchange Office, and other faculties from administrative and clinical departments.
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