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The U.S. Consulate General Wuhan Visits Wuhan Union Hospital

In the morning of 8 September 2017, Mr. Jamie Fouss, the U.S.Consul General Wuhan,  and his colleagues visited our International Health Care Center. Prof. HU Yu, vice president, warmly welcomed the delegation on behalf of the faculty of Wuhan Union Hospital. 

Prof. HU delivered a comprehensive introduction of the hospital from the aspects including the long history, large scale, quality service, complete disciplines and departments. He also mentioned the background and intention of founding the International Health Care Center as well as its mission and development strategy, emphasizing on its characteristics such as the “doctor-nurse integration mode”, “one on one”medical service and English communication throughout the process of treatment.


Mr. Jamie Fouss said, he was confident by the quality of medical care provided by the International Health Care Center of Union Hospital after the introduction by Prof. HU, and he would definitely recommend our hospital to his colleagues. Today’s communication was only a start, and he hoped that Wuhan Union Hospital and the U.S. Consulate General could improve communication in future and work together to ensure good health of the U.S. citizens in Wuhan.

The delegation visited the International Health Care Center after the meeting.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited the Union Hospital West Campus. Mr. CHENG Fanjun, president of the West Campus, warmly welcomed them and took them around the pharmacy and International Clinic. The U.S. Consulate General spoke highly about the sound environment, advanced equipment and high-quality doctors and nurses.


It is reported that the International Center (main campus) and International Clinic (west campus) of the Union Hospital is the first hospital Wuhan Citizens Home recommend to the foreigners in Wuhan.Our international departments will never forget their mission and provide the best service to more and more international residents and visitors in Wuhan. 

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