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Strategic Collaboration Agreement Signed Between Pathology Departments of Wuhan Union Hospital and Johns Hopkins Univers

On the morning of May 16th, 2016, the signing ceremony of collaboration agreement between the pathology departments of Wuhan Union Hospital and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was held in Wuhan, China.


The attendees from USA included Prof. Ralph H. Hruban, the Director of Pathology Department, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Prof. Olga B. Ioffe, the Director of Anatomic Pathology Department, University of Maryland School of Medicine; Dr. David Fowler, the Chief Medical Examiner of Maryland; Prof. Li Lin and Zhang Xiang, the excellent alumni of Tongji Medical College from Maryland. They were warmly welcomed by Wang Guobin, the President of Wuhan Union Hospital; Hu Yu, the Vice President of Wuhan Union Hospital; Nie Xiu, the Director of Pathology Department; Zhang Jinxiang, the Director of Human Resources Department, Zhou Guofeng, the Vice Director of Medical Affairs Department and Wang Jiliang, the Director of International Exchange Department.


"The Wuhan Union Hospital has a 150-year history and is one of the top healthcare organizations in China", said by Prof. Wang Guobin, the President of Wuhan Union Hospital, who introduced the history and latest development of the hospital and laid out the future blueprint, "Wuhan Union Hospital is striving to become a world famous large scale medical treatment and training center."


Accompanied by Prof. Nie Xiu, the foreign professors visited the Pathology Department of Wuhan Union Hospital. Impressed by the huge sample size of biopsy, advanced quality control system and precise management, the visitors highly appreciated the quality control and management system and praised that it had reached the international certificating level.


As the representative of Wuhan Union Hospital, the Vice President Prof. Hu Yu signed strategic collaboration agreement with Prof. Ralph H. Hruban, Director of Pathology Department, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Both sides agreed there will be a wide space for collaboration in telepathology consultation, staff exchange and scientific research.


"It is a great opportunity for us to build an international standard pathological subspecialty platform and laboratory, and to promote international academic communication and rapid development of our department”, said by Prof. Nie Xiu, the Director of Pathology Department of Wuhan Union Hospital.


The Pathology Department of Johns Hopkins University has been ranked the best in the USA for several years. It is believed that the two parties will benefit from the open, innovative and win-win collaboration relationship.


The signing ceremony was highly supported by the administrative officials of Wuhan Union Hospital, especially the Vice President Huang Kai, and the staffs in International Exchange Department.

(Article: Wang Jiliang, Huang Bo, Liao Pu / Photo: Liu Kunwei)

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